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The Japanese Chin is a prized companion

Don't take our word for it...

Find out more about what makes the Chin such a great pet:

"Get this bundle of joy home and s/he would never leave your side for the rest of their life!" - D. Manvi, 02.24.2018

Know the Smallest Dog Breeds Of The World

Interested in knowing how the Chin sizes up? 

The Japanese Chin is the third smallest breed of dog in the world. 

For more information:

ask the akc

According to the AKC,  "The Japanese Chin Is an Aristocratic and Playful Little Companion." -Stephanie Gibeault, MSc, CPDT

They define the Chin as, "The noble Japanese Chin (Chin) is a lively little dog with an aristocratic air. He is small, yet solidly built, with an inquisitive and intelligent expression." - 

To find out more about what the AKC is saying about the chin, please check out this great video:

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